We are at the verge of design phase that makes a visual treat and implements the concepts.

The output of the work is resulting “The Curves are not just had shapes, also the Strength”

After working on the mindset of the target Customers, we made the decisions on the Shapes, Colors, Features and Physical fitness of the motorcycle. Beyond engineer’s point of view, it is built up with the riders’ point of view. It has been designed for satisfying the ergonomic and built quality requirements of sports bike riders while keeping the riders safety and comfort in mind.

More than the look, we are concerned about safety in electric vehicles. The positions and the placements of components in the vehicle are made with engineering & care so as to make the Safest Electric Vehicle. With this design, the rider will never feel abnormal and unfamiliar look. This design also delivers better ergonomics and construction than the conventional and latest petrol bikes.

Collectively a “Super-Look; Hyper-Spec” bike is almost ready to touch down the ground and rock the roads without spoiling the environment. We named it “PRANA”

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