We at SVM wanted to create a cool but practical electrical motorcycle for the Indian market, while a role model makes it easy to put a structure to it. We choose Tesla as our role model for its design standard and product features.

There are critical technical requirements and user expectation to be kept in mind while designing any sort of motorcycle. Technical requirements are, it should be sturdy, faster, fuel efficient, pollution free (if possible!). User expectations are better style, performance, and safety but the still cheaper total cost of ownership!

Then there comes some social requirements, less sound, less smoke!

Our first attempt was to convert KTM into an electrical version which gave impressive results at the astonishing cost and amazing speed but we didn’t feel the connection. So, we moved on…

In the second attempt we have converted a normal day-to-day petrol vehicle to the electrically powered motorcycle, speed was acceptable but styling and performance needed more work to do… continuing the story we are prototype number #5….

Our quest for an optimal solution led us to design of the PRANA where the user expectation, technical requirement, and social costs are converging.

More about SVM PRANA in future articles…


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