You can book PRANA online - now at www.srivarumotors.com
PRANA can reach topspeed of 123 km/hr
Yes, you need license to drive PRANA. Because PRANA is a premium class motorcycle.
PRANA is premium class motorcycle, the performance is customizable based on the need of the rider.
There is no chain, clutch or gear so there is minimal routine maintenance for PRANA
On a single charge one can travel 126 km on Prana - Grant & 225 km on Prana - Elite*
PRANA grand model will take 4hours and 15 minutes for the full charge, it will auto-cut off after full charge.
PRANA uses the standard 15A socket for the charging, no special setup required.
Battery has capacity of 2000 recharge cycle’s that means even if it driven daily for 126 km, it would last 5.5 year to reach 2000 charge cycle*
PRANA has BMS and MCB to protect short circuit. Prana can be driven in the rain as well.
Just like you can’t put a petrol vehicle in fire, you can’t submerge the PRANA in water because it can damage critical components.
SVM team is working on establishing 2000 service points around the nation so that you can service the PRANA easily.
Yes, SVM will ensure the supply of parts directly from SVM itself via online ordering.
Any one who uses normal motorcycle for 30-40 km a day can easily afford PRANA for similar monthly expense. If you can the EMI for PRANA, the total month cost for vehicle + Petrol would be similar to PRANA’s EMI + Electricity. In many cases, once you pay off the loan in 3 years your monthly cost will be very less to drive.
It depends on the milage of the motorcycle, varies from 35 km to 55km/ltr so the approximate cost would about Rs.1.25 to Rs.2.25.
In 1 unit of current one can travel about 25km, that means the cost per kilometer is 16 paise to 20 paise depening on your electricity cost.
Yes, you can test ride PRANA in Coimbatore facility. We are working on getting PRANA test ride in cities near you – starting with Tamilnadu and Karanataka.
  1. SVM is working on service technician training so that there will be more service points available than any other automobile brand in India.
  2. In addition, we also plan to use the technology and mobile network to setup national call center to provide the support. So be assured your service needs are covered.
Absolutely, the PRANA booking is 100% refundable before the vehicle delivery is taken.
PRANA is available to purchase now, the purchase begin with booking. Based on your booking data the delivery will be prioritized.
  1. Prana Grand deliveries are set to begin starting Second half of 2020. Deliveries to begin in Tamilnadu and Karnataka. Deliveries to begin on first-come first serve basis
  2. We prioritize and establish the stores based on booking region so that we can cater the customer who is waiting to get the vehicle.
  1. Yes, SVMCSR credit is based on booking date. You will get the SVMCSR credit as marked on the day of the booking.
  2. SVMCSR credit per vehicle will become less as more customers claim the credit by booking as the credit is from a fixed budget and it is made available on first come first serve basis.
Srivaru Motors (SVM) believes in building society, instead of spending resources on traditional marketing SVM uses that fund to make environment better by giving credit for planting sapling. We also believe this way we will get to plant sapling in many parts of the nation otherwise it is impossible for one company to reach and contribute for the better environment.