• Integration of social responsibility in business

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an integration of society and its people’s well-being in its culture. Thriving society needs all aspects of it to be cared and nurtured well. SVM is conscious on making revolution in all aspects of society, including economic, social, and environmental. 

Countries need to turn its people into asset to propel the GDP, employment and growth. We think the innovation combined with requirement is going to bring next round of growth and employment.  

Especially with India having 1.3billion people, the requirement for the personal commute solution is essential. Revolutionizing the personal commute solution to sustainable green option is going to fuel the innovation and bring employment 

India’s air quality has been steadily transitioning to a point where India has world’s top 30 most polluted cities. This condition needs immediate attention to improve people’s health. Electric Vehicles will be one of the best solutions to address such issue over the Petrol/Diesel engine vehicles. EVs will create additional jobs as the technology will go through massive amount of inventions, invention will create invention powered employment. We have written a blog about future employment sectors which is available to read at https://www.srivarumotors.com/pranas-and-employment/ 

We can witness during COVID lockdown that without vehicle pollution the air-quality improves a lot. Therefore, there has to be a societal push bring faster clean energy adaptation. At SVM we produced PRANA motorcycle which gives better riding experienced EVs with great quality at the comparable ownership cost.  

The direction of EVs are good solution to address these social issues, however we needed an urgent action to improve the air quality, rain and better climate. TREEs are going to be our companion on this.  

When we started SVM, we planted 1600 tree to symbolize that SVM cares are better environment for all of us from now. These trees have grown to 2-3 ft height now. It has been nice to see how much that particular land has changed due to the trees.  

To propel this change faster, SVM created SVMCSR Green Credit program. In this program SVM offers Rs.25001 discount towards the PRANA price if customer plants 10 tree sapling & takes photo near the sapling.  

As the number of PRANA sales are increasing the number of trees planted will grow at 10 times faster rate. Youths who experienced the PRANA test ride experience through PRANA-Experience-events gone ahead and completed the vehicle booking. The booking number far exceeded the original forecast. We are happy to see that trees will be increasing 10 times faster too. We are happy to share our profit to create better society.  

As part of the CSR program, we have started retraining mechanics/service technician on EV technology, so they are ready to service the vehicle. This important training with on-demand expert advices using SVM’s OMNIPRESENCE center creates quality mechanic so that customers service requests taken care with most care at optimized cost.  

The increased PRANA’s booking resulted in lot of local component makers to produce the components for the EVs. This newfound opportunity creates tech-job. This will increase the innovation. Maybe India will invent next energy storage technology! 

These are just the beginning of our journey. As we grow stronger and stronger, we will be coming up with more programs through SVM CSR.  

Number of Trees Planted and Their Short Description

Number of pran's (10) on the road eliminated (250) kg of carbon dioxide and (300) of N0x and HC

Number of Trees Planted and Their Short Description

Trees planted ( periodically updated) * 142 kg of carbon per year