Behind The Scenes Of An EV: What Goes Into Designing An Electric Motorcycle?

Electric bikes are slim, sleek and sensational – but there’s a lot more that goes into their design for instance. The ideal electric bike in India is usually powered by a BLDC motor and gets its power from a battery pack. These battery packs are nothing but the heart and soul of the best electric bikes in India; in order to further understand the ergonomics of an electric bike, you need to understand the importance of this battery pack. 

When we talk about the quality of the battery pack, we need to address how it is being manufactured and also know more about how it is being distributed. An important point to note is that the performance of the battery hugely depends on the chemical makeup and the mode in which it was manufactured. So you need to make an informed choice by looking into the power source of the bike you’ve shortlisted.

After the quality and consistency of the cell are assured, the next most important thing is the capacity of the battery, since this is what impacts the range of the vehicle directly. An ideal battery pack should retain its capacity between 90-95% on each and every charge, which basically means that you can ride a solid 200 kilometres before running out of charge.

Ultimately, when designing an electric bike, a balance has to be struck between your expectations, the rider’s experience, and the stability of the bike. In the current scenario, the best and the most simple way is to think progressively towards sustainability for the world to become a better place to live in.

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  1. am really amused by your design. you may also work and evolve strategies on putting up a touchscreen dashboard and manual transmission like many other ebikes did. a gearbox would very well increase efficiency and reduce costs

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