In India, the majority of bikes run on petrol. Petrol bikes have Just 41% Energy efficiency. We all would like to Increase the Energy efficiency of our vehicle. The Most efficient way is to go with electric vehicles. We SVM bikes are manufacturing Eco-friendly vehicles.

Existing battery operated vehicles are equipped with the Lead-acid battery in Which the Speed is limited to 25 km/hr and has only 80% discharging capability. Life of battery is just around 300-500 Lifecycles (1-2 years). Charging time of Lead-acid Batteries is around 6-8 hrs.

Riders and passengers would prefer and capable of riding the vehicles 40-60km/hr. They won’t feel comfortable with slow speed & Pick-up vehicles, We can’t achieve good speed vehicles by using Lead acid, NiCd Batteries

Our SVM bikes-PRANA is equipped with Li-ion Batteries, where the life cycle of the batteries is 2000 (6-8 Years). Charging time of Li-ion batteries is just 3-4 hrs with a normal 15 Amp socket and Supercharging also possible (80% in one hour). They are one-third the weight of lead-acid batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are nearly 100% efficient in both charge and discharge, Lithium-ion batteries are a much cleaner technology and are safer for the environment.

Why do we need Waterproof for the battery Pack?

We all know that electricity and water will combine make troubles. For the safer electric usage, we should avoid water to meet with it. Since the electric vehicles depend more on Electric devices, We need to prevent those from the water. Though we can’t avoid water contact with the vehicle, We made the Electric components is waterproof(IP67). With these waterproofed Components, Riders can have fearless and safest experiences

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