What is FAME II? FAME II is a demand incentive program to easy the EV transition for low-to-medium end users. To be eligible the product price needs to be under Rs.1.5 Lakh.  

What is SVMs philosophy?  

SVM believes in quality product which can pay for itself from the fuel saving to the vehicle. SVM aspires to be most trusted brand by its customers. By definition, to become most trusted brand, its products and customers service need to be top-notch.  

SVM defined PRANA as best riding motorcycle, so there is no-way to compromise the quality of the critical components. PRANA’s customers will be able to pay from the fuel saving to PRANA just by driving PRANA somewhere between 60,000-70,000 KMs.  

PRANAs key components were chosen by keeping the quality, and the reliability. PRANA’s more than half of the cost goes to battery which is GRADE-A Lithium LFP Battey. The great thing about this GRADE-A battery is that it has reliable thermal behavior and good 2000 usage life cycle.  

Below picture explains the LFP GRADE-A battery specifications in detail. 

LFP battery uses Li-Phosphate as Cathode and it is a nano-scale phosphate having good electrochemical properties providing longer life cycle, great thermal stability, higher charge and discharge current, enhanced safety and tolerance in case of harsh usage.  

BMS stands for Battery Management System – it is core control system of battery system to protect the functionality of the battery along with usage information. We also choose to use active BMS which monitors the cell’s behavior for normal functions such as cell level voltage, thermal, cell life etc.  

All these quality materials costs more than the average raw-materials price and the cost of the engineering adds to it.  

Since we wanted to make best riding motorcycles for our customers we focused on quality. However, PRANA can pay for itself from the saving from the operating costs.  

Not everyone needs RATION RICE; but all would care about quality of the product.  

SVM also offers Rs.20,001 credit to customers who is planting 10 trees in their area. This will not only makes customers proud to plant trees but also increase the GREEN COVER of India. Indirectly improving the air-quality & improving all our health.

PRANA On-Road Mileage

Vehicle speed is the largest variable in the range per single charge you can achieve. In order to help customers plan and predict this we will share real-time data used to simulate how far a PRANA is predicted to travel under the following conditions: This was based on the test procedure that incorporated a blend of highway and city driving cycles (40% city cycle driving and 60% highway cycle driving specifically). This blog is recommended background reading even for a PRANA. Customer weight, driving road gradient and physics that affect the range are the same in both vehicles and all-electric vehicles for that matter. You can also see that at slower speeds it could even be possible to exceed 134kms in a PRANA under the conditions above.

*The range depends on the speed in which PRANA is driven, the above said range is tested on road with single passenger.

The simplest experiment to consider, and one that gives great insight into the whole vehicle performance, is how efficiency and range vary as a function of driving speed. This is assuming that speed is held constant at each point. For any test or model run, there are many inputs that need to be specifically stated to make the results meaningful. So here are some of the critical inputs that we have tested:

• Single driver ~75 to 80 kg
• Tires inflated to recommended efficiency setting 29/29, front/rear psi

PRANA On-Road Mileage…

i) If you drive PRANA with-in speed limit of 50-60km – PRANA can travel 134km/charge

ii) If you drive PRANA with 60-70km speed – PRANA can travel 126km/charge.

iii) If you drive PRANA at 70-80km speed – PRANA can travel 107 km/charge. To our customers, happy driving. And we are always interested to hear back from you about other experiences with your PRANA!

Best regards,

SVM Team