PRANAs – Are here to stay – because they are opportunities of the 21 century.  

“The shift to EV will come faster and in a more profound way, fueled by the technology improvement and realization of the adverse impact of the pollution from the gasoline mobility products in India” 

In India, the automobile industry is one of the key sectors driving economic growth. More than 25 million vehicles (all segments) were produced in Financial year of 2017, reporting a jump of 5.41% from the previous year. However, it is also one of the biggest contributors of pollution, which incidentally keeps the country’s capital choked & places the people’s health at risk.  

As India hurtles towards a noxious future, the Indian government is now racing to switch to all-electric vehicles by 2030. While the report by UBS might be an overly optimistic take on what the future of electric vehicles will look like, one cannot overlook the massive progress the industry has made in the last decade or so. 

In India, despite a multitude of challenges and obstacles, SVM’s Prana is steadily gaining traction, thanks in part to government initiatives and peoples support. 

Now, Prana have several positive impacts on our lives, environment, and wallet (checkout the impacts at www.srivarumotors.com/product/ ). First off, Prana have an overwhelming amount of benefits on our daily lives and travel. With “less noise, and less vibration from the powertrain,” we can enjoy a quieter and more comfortable ride. Prana utilize an electric powertrain. This feature allows for a multitude of benefits. For instance, braking is greatly improved. Instead of Prana having traditional brake pads that need to be replaced every so often, they use their battery to instead reverse the energy going through the wheels, slowing down the motorcycle with ease. This process, called regenerative braking, at the same time feeds energy back into the battery from the inertia of the wheels coming to a stop. Furthermore, the electric powertrain also offers smoother, and quicker, acceleration. With this technology, it is a simple “on and off” switch with the engine while accelerating. Once the fingers touch the throttle, the motorcycle makes use of the entirety of the battery power, rather than slowly revving up the cylinders as in a conventional gasoline-powered motorcycle. So, even with just these two features, users of EVs are already enjoying significant benefits of driving an electric-powered motorcycle.  

Finally, a more obvious, yet important benefit of the electric powertrain is the dampened noise. Prana has no-noise making engine rather PRANA has motor; think like the ceiling fan inside house vs the diesel generator’s sound, PRANA powered by series of lithium-ion batteries that send energy to multiple different places within the e-motorcycle. Due to that, there is no loud exhaust or engine noises, thus significantly reducing noise during the travel. 

In light of this burgeoning potential, we at SVM wanted to create a comprehensive series that not only traces the history and scope of the global EV market but also delves into the challenges, opportunities and the future electric vehicles hold in India. This gives more confident to the customers and governments in relying on SVM and Prana. Moreover, the future battery technology such as solid-state batteries are in plan so we can even produce the batteries in India (rather print batteries in India). 

So undoubtfully PRANAs – Are here to stay – because they are an opportunity of the 21st century, to build a better Indian Sub-continent. 


Enhance long term battery viability

With an aim to promote pollution-free vehicles, SVM stands for creating the best riding motorcycles for Indian customers. The vision being Fast, Fun, and Safe, SVM’s priority is to ensure that safety is maintained in all the facets.

Taking the last few years into account, Electric Vehicles (EV’s) are slowly gaining prominence in the automotive sector and it will not be long before EV’s become more established. EV’s have shown the world that they are at-least equitable if not mostly superior in performance to their ICE engine counterparts.

The main factor in the concept of EV’s, the battery can face high demands in the market as a result of peak sales in electric motor vehicles leading to an escalation in the existing price. Dealing with this concern can be a little grueling.

But… It’s not inconceivable.

To support you in achieving the highest quality of lithium-ion batteries and ways to improve battery life, here we produce a few basic tips and techniques that can be implemented on the daily run to achieve the goal.

Avoid complete draining of the battery.

  • Avoid fast charging.
  • Try not to go below 20 percent unless you need to.
  • Maintain constant temperature avoiding exposure to extremely high and low temperatures.
  • Avoid mechanical damage such as punctures.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Unfolding the concern, SVM has already foreseen these details and the after effect, hence has equipped Prana with Active Smart Managed BMS which automatically handles the battery practice for you, living up to the vision claimed

A BMS monitors the state of the battery as represented by various items, such as voltage, temperature, current, state of charge, state of power, and state of safety.

Checkout your PRANA at https://www.srivarumotors.com/prana/

Extending battery lifetime decreases costs and environmental restraints associated with the production of new batteries; including material consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, as well as the disposal of used batteries.

“As the nation and world shift to economies powered by batteries, it is paramount that we extend the life of all types of batteries, particularly those in our vehicles,” said Steve Christensen, executive director of the Responsible Battery Coalition.

SVM has established their first experience center in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, and will soon expand our presence all over the nation.

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