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Carved with curves

India’s First Performance Electric Bike

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Designed to perform.

Top Speed:123 kmph | 0-60: Less than 4s | Range: 126 / 225km

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Built to be bold

Ride the revolution.

Top speed

123 Km/ hr


0 to 60 < 4 seconds


Dual disc brakes at the front and single-disc electronic regenerative braking at the rear. Will give you fastest braking. Shortest braking distance.

LED Lights

All the lights used in the vehicle are LED, enhances the vision to the road and gain the attraction from the crowd (ppl)

Eco - Friendly

Leaves only tyre print runs on Lithium battery with 2000 cycles which would last long and chargeable anywhere

Riding mode

Variable torque, speed, and direction which helps you to PRACTICE and DRIVE and then warp ( SPORTS) and in case of parking. You have your assistant REVERSE

Battery & Stability

126 to 225 km at single charge, with 2000 cycles and more stability

Parking assist

Reverse to help with taking out of narrow space and help with parking