November 10, 2019

About Us

Srivaru Motor’s (SVM) goal is to produce best riding automobiles for personal commute. We believe that there are lots of untapped engineering talent in the country, they are starving for a greener opportunity. While we invent, manufacture and sell the vehicles it will create lots of opportunities at all levels for the people who are truly passionate. We want these engineers to follow their heart to create something useful for the larger community.

Today, people unconsciously breathe the exhaust air from the fuel burning motor vehicles. Unfortunately, there is no choice for the peoples for cleaner air while commuting. As science and scientist around the world confirm that this harmful gas causes serious health hazards to our friends, spouse, mother, father, sisters, brothers and pets. The damage is limitless. We set out to provide a cleaner choice for commuter vehicles. Yes, we understand that this journey is not short nor easy one. But it is achievable by the today’s youths and leaders of the country. We look forward to making the journey together. It is our way of giving back to create a healthier community.